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Bicep Curls, Weight Loss Exercise At Home

Welcome to talk weight loss. Today I will share with you a weight loss exercise which you can do at home easily that is Bicep Curls.

As we discussed earliar about many effective weightloss exercises

Today i will tell you about Bicep Curls. You can easily do at home.

What Are Bicep Curls?

Bicep Curls
Bicep Curls


The term “biceps curl” may refer to any of a number of weight training exercises that target the biceps brachii muscle.

Types Of Bicep Curls

Standing Barbell Curl

standing Bicep Curls
standing Bicep Curls

Grab the free weight with an underhand grasp, with your hands situated about as wide as your hips.

To accentuate the internal bit of the bicep, take a more extensive hold; to focus on the external piece of the muscle, unite your hands.

Begin holding the bar at hip tallness, at that point crush your center and contract your biceps to twist the bar up to shoulder stature.

Crush your biceps at the highest point of the development, at that point gradually bring down the weight back to the beginning position, controlling the weight through the unpredictable development.

Make a point to keep your feet determinedly planted all through the activity, and don’t utilize your hips to lift the weight.

Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl

You’ll require a hand weight and a seat to begin.

Sit on the seat, spreading your legs. Rest your arm holding the hand weight on a similar side leg, just underneath the knee,

with the goal that the weight hangs down between your legs. Keep your middle upstanding by balancing out your spur of the moment on your thigh.

Twist the weight up, thinking on pressing the bicep, delay at the top, at that point lower again into the first position.

Standing Resistance Band Hammer Curl

Band Hammer Curl

Band Hammer Curl

Venture on the focal point of an opposition band, holding one end of the actualize in each hand.

Hold the band with your palms parallel to one another. Twist your hands toward your shoulders, keeping up the situation of your palms.

Crush your biceps at the highest point of the development before letting your hands down to your sides, keeping up consistent pressure on the band.

Keep your elbows stable and in position at your sides all through the development.

Hammer Curl



Get a couple of free weights and let them hang at a careful distance by your sides with your palms confronting your thighs.

Without moving your upper arms, twist your elbows and twist the hand weights as near your shoulders as you can.

Delay, at that point, gradually bring down the weight back to the beginning position. Each time you come back to the beginning position, totally fix your arms

Cable Alternating Flex Curl

Cable Alternating Flex Curl

Cable Alternating Flex Curl

Remain between the weight heaps of a link hybrid station and snatch a high-pulley handle in each hand.

Hold your arms out to the sides so they’re parallel to the floor. Without moving your correct arm, twist your left hand toward your head.

Slowly enable your left arm to straight and afterward repeat the move with your correct arm.

What Happened During Bicep Exercise?

The biceps flourish can be washed-up with a barbell, resistance band, dumbbells or a subscription machine.

Although the type of resistance changes, the movement is the same. The exercise starts with your arm straight lanugo at your side, your palm facing forward.

Bend your elbow to flourish the weight up until your palm is scrutinizingly touching your shoulder.

Your upper arm should stay locked in place next to your side with your elbow pointing toward the floor.

muscle contracts when the muscle fibers create tension versus an external resistance.

Your biceps muscle contracts both concentrically and eccentrically during the biceps curl.

When you flourish the weight up, the biceps muscle creates unbearable gravity to overcome the external resistance.

During this phase of concentric contraction, the muscle fibers shorten, pulling at the elbow joint and lifting your forearm.

When you lower the weight, the muscle fibers do not create unbearable gravity to overcome the external resistance.

The fibers lengthen during this eccentric phase to tenancy the descent of the weight.

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